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Franchising is one of Australia’s most fast paced growing sectors with 70,000 franchised businesses making up 23% of the Australian market. Express Business Group recognised an opportunity, where similar franchisers were charging $20,000 to $100,000, to offer motivated individuals with the opportunity to commence their own franchise at a low cost. Express Business Group will lower the costs of your franchise by providing all equipment, training and support so franchisees are equipped to deliver the best possible service. This reduces your debt and allows you to make maximum profit!

Express Business Group started in 2009, with the goal of creating specialised services at affordable prices through a team of motivated, successful franchisees. The first franchise commenced in 2011 resulting in instant growth and success. Five years later, Express Business Group offers over 28 services with franchisee numbers increasing rapidly. They have seen hundreds of motivated people reach their personal and professional goals, enabling a balanced lifestyle for themselves and their family.

The success of Express is based on three fundamental principles, a simple job done well, a fair and affordable franchise opportunity and a proven system that enables hard working individuals to be their own boss. These principles allow franchisees to excel in their given field and sustain efficient relationships between networks.

Express Business Group is built of a foundation of honesty and integrity to create fair working relationships between customers, Franchisees and Masters.  The Express team are a group of happy, highly motivated and hard-working individuals dedicated to provide the highest level of customer service, and ensure that all Masters, Franchisees and customers are greatly satisfied and stimulated by the serviced that is provided.

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